(GDPR) Your personal information at Imam Ali Islamic Center (IAC)

It is of great importance to us within the association that you as a client or visitor receive correct and clear information about how we process and handle your personal information that is stored with us. You must also receive clear information about what information about you is stored with us and how you can request to correct or delete this information.
On 25 May 2018, the new Data Protection Act GDPR began to enter into force. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and replaced the previous Swedish Personal Data Act. We within the association have since updated our terms and you as a client or subscriber get more control over your personal information that is stored with us. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns about your personal information in our association.
What we save and why
Imam Ali Islamic Center is a congregation with thousands of members and visitors who, due to various different purposes, submit their personal information to us. We save some personal data permanently and we save some temporarily. You who own the information can usually request that we delete or change your information, but there are certain personal information that we save for the time being and you can not request that we delete it.
What personal information do we save for the time being:
If you apply for an Islamic marriage certificate, Islamic divorce certificate or apply for a certificate from the association such as that you are / have become a Muslim, do not drink alcohol, wear Islamic hijab, membership certificate, etc., we will save the requested documents until further notice. However, if, for example, you apply for your Islamic divorce from our association but then and before we issue the certificate, withdraw your application, we will return all submitted documents to you and save no information, neither about you nor your partner. If the certificate is issued, you will not have the right to have your personal data deleted or to have documents returned. Examples of documents that you must submit are a completed application form, identity card, copy of ID document, etc. For more information about what documents are required, please visit www.imamalicenter.se
How long do we store your personal information
Personal data is stored during the time there is an ongoing user relationship and in accordance with the consent given. Every year, the association organizes some activities that require the user's personal information. Examples of these activities are summer camps, courses, certain ceremonies that require pre-registration, etc. We save this information for at least two years or in some cases more than two years. For example, personal data that is submitted when registering for a summer camp, we usually save for two years. When it comes to training courses, we save the participant's personal information for ten years. You have the right to have your personal data deleted after the mentioned savings period, with the exception of the documents marriage certificate, divorce certificate and Islamic certificate, these personal data can not be deleted.
Personal information that we save in connection with subscription in our newsletter that is sent to members every month is saved until the subscriber terminates his subscription. Upon termination of subscription, the personal data will be deleted within three weeks.
Personal information that we save when registering for our activities such as summer camp, escape, sports activities, certain ceremonies, etc. is name, date of birth, email address, mobile number and residential address.
Personal information that we save when registering for our educations is name, social security number, email address, mobile number and residential address.
Is the personal data provided to third parties?
Imam Ali Islamic Center does not provide any personal information to third parties. The personal information is only saved at the association and only affected persons within the association may take part in this information.
Your rights
You always have the right to receive an extract at any time of what information we have about you and to know how and for what purpose the personal data is used. Should you not agree with how we use your personal data, you have the right to object and withdraw your consent.
Last updated: 2018-05-27
Published: 20180-05-26