Current Imam Ali Islamic Center Library:
Imam Ali Islamic Center has processed a new high-quality library containing various books in different themes and languages. This library may be useful to people in general and researchers in particular. If you are interested in reading or borrowing these books, please visit or contact the center.
We want to inform you that at the moment the center is working to digitize the library's books to allow interested to register on the database and thus to borrow the books in a simpler and more flexible manner.
In short, the Center's books are divided into the following themes:
- Quran knowledge
- Hadith (Traditions of the Prophets and Imams)
- Call and prayer books
- Esoterism / Mysticism and Good Conduct
- Islamic history
- Philosophy
- Islamic faith
- Scientific research
- Islamic art
- Other subjects
In the interest of the purchase of books and other cultural, traditional and religious items such as rosary (Tasbih / Misbah), Karbalas dried clay (Turbah / Mohr), traditional perfumes (Atr), prayer-carpet (Sajjadeh), prayer chador, Islamic paintings, Islamic calligraphy paintings, etc. we refer you to visit the Center's shop (Nor).
For more information, please feel free to contact us.